Code of Conduct Resolution Process

It is a fundamental principle of the Shambhala Code of Conduct that all concerns and complaints will be heard. The Code of Conduct provides a comprehensive process for addressing reports of misconduct, aiming to be inclusive, transparent, accountable, and caring – as systematic and fair as possible to everyone. 

Phased Implementation

As per the Shambhala Board Resolution, the new Code of Conduct is in effect on Shambhala Day 2021. Following a phased approach, the International Care and Conduct Panel will serve on an interim basis as the panel (equivalent to the international Council) as a way to support the transition to the new Code of Conduct. During the phased implementation phase, and while Code of Conduct Facilitators are being recruited, questions about the process can be sent to [email protected].


Process Documents


  • Click Here to access the Code of Conduct Procedures (English)
  • Click Here to access “What To Do If You Have a Concern” document (English)
  • Click Here to access the “When a Formal Complaint Has Been Filed Against You” document (English)
  • Click Here to access the Confidentiality Agreement (English)
  • Click Here to access the Information Collection Form (English)
  • Click Here to access the Guest Presenter Guidelines (English)


As situations arise under the new Code, the Code Procedure will be tried, tested and refined. We encourage the community to give feedback on these procedures. The Office of Community Care and Conduct, in consultation with the Panel and new Council members, will serve as a resource and help desk to support centres and groups as situations arise under the new Code.

For more information and to contact: [email protected]

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