Do you have a concern?

Do you have a question, concern or complaint about possible misconduct in Shambhala? Please send an email to [email protected]. You may also want to read: “What to Do If you Have a Concern”.

Conduct of People Holding Positions of Authority

 The Code of Conduct documents will be available in additional languages as soon as translation is complete.

 Please click on the link to access the Shambhala Policy on Conduct of People Holding Positions of Authority. 


Signing the POA:

*** Please note, if you hold a leadership role in Shambhala, you are required to review and sign Shambhala’s People holding positions of authority policy (POA). You can do this through your Shambhala membership page: HERE.

Confirmation that you have signed will then automatically appear in your profile on the Shambhala database.



Guest Presenter Guidelines

Please click here to access the Guest Presenter Guidelines (September 2021).


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