Gender Dynamics

The Gender Dynamics training provides an exploration of gender and sexuality across the three yanas (or vehicles) of Buddhism in dialogue with contemporary understandings of patriarchy. Participants will gain historical perspectives on women and sexual ethics in early Buddhism, insight into the feminine principle and deconstruction of gender binaries in the Mahayana, and information about love and sexuality in the Vajrayana. Interwoven with this will be an inquiry into sexuality, the principle of consent, and the potential for harm.

The intention is to help community members gain helpful perspectives and language to engage in dialogue and foster cultural change and healthy gender dynamics. Holly Gayley, Associate Professor of Buddhism at the University of Colorado Boulder, will be joined by other senior teachers in Shambhala for this eight-week training. 

Gender Dynamics: Conversations on Gender & Sexuality in the Three Yanas of Buddhism 

Start Date: Monday, March 1, 2021
Instructor: Holly Gayley
The tentative dates for live sessions are March 26, April 30, May 28 (Fridays) at 11am Mtn / 1pm Eastern / 2pm Atlantic.
Cost: Pay what you can



 The Boulder Queer Dharma group hosted Holly Gayley in September 2016 as they examined a traditional text in light of gender perspectives.

“The aspiration is that the queer community can be an example to the greater society as humans who treat other humans well.”  – Acharya Eve Rosenthal



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