Do you have a concern?

Do you have a question, concern or complaint about possible misconduct in Shambhala? Please send an email to [email protected]. You may also want to read: “What to Do If you Have a Concern”.

Supporting Information

The Supporting Information and videos to introduce the Code of Conduct will be available in additional languages as soon as translation is complete.


Previous Care of Conduct Policy and Procedure Documents

The previous Care and Conduct Policy and Procedure are applicable to all complaints arising prior to Shambhala Day 2021.


Board Resolution on the new Code of Conduct


Code of Conduct Preamble

The Preamble of the new Code of Conduct more deeply considers the view, practice, action and result of the vision of Shambhala society which is the context for all of the Code of Conduct documents.


Care and Conduct Survey Analysis

The Shambhala-wide Care and Conduct survey was conducted in 2019, and many people took time to write about their experiences and insights. This analysis was made available in October, and the participants’ feedback is visibly actioned in the new policies and approaches.


Revising the Shambhala Care and Conduct Policy

This document explains how the Shambhala Code of Conduct policy framework arose from the review of the work of the past, and the learnings incorporated.


Principles Document

This document lists many of the core principles that are woven into the new framework. These are principles that derive from Shambhala teachings, and from the insights that practitioners share on building good society through our personal conduct and the way we relate to each other.


Videos to Introduce the Code of Conduct

Preparing the Ground Webinar

Recorded: June 12, 2020

The Code of Conduct Support Group and Tara Templin, Director of Community Care and Conduct, presented a series of webinars to Shambhala members explaining the foundation of the new Code of Conduct documents. Please watch the webinar for an overview, timeline and Q&A with members.

Child Protection Policy Webinar
Recorded: March 31, 2020

The Code of Conduct Support Group and Tara Templin, Director of Community Care and Conduct, presented a webinar to Shambhala leaders on March 31, 2020 introducing the new Child Protection Policy (CPP).

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